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Predict. Control. Design. Optimize.

Predicting and Controlling Transcription & Translation Rates

Predict & Control Protein Expression Levels

Calculate transcription rates, translation rates, and mRNA decay rates across your system. Find cryptic promoters and mis-annotated coding sequences. Design synthetic promoters and ribosome binding sites with desired protein expression levels.

Design & Optimize Metabolic Pathways

Systematically vary and optimize enzyme expression levels. Find the rate-limiting steps. Redirect metabolic fluxes. Maximize organism productivities.

Design and Optimization of a Metabolic Pathway

Mazzively Parallel Protein Libraries

10 to 10000 Proteins. $100 per Cloned Expression Plasmid.
Any Amino Acid Sequence
(up to 900 amino acids)
For bioprospecting, biologics development, enzyme engineering & much much more.

Promoter Calculator
RBS Calculator
RBS Library Calculator
Operon Calculator
and more


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Photo of Anna Chan-Salis
Anna Chan-Salis

Research Scientist. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry.
Genomics. Next-gen Sequencing.

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Howard Salis, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer. Synthetic Biologist.
Software developer. Entrepreneur. Professor.

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