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Clone Less. Know More.


Know it,       before you clone it. Avoid the problems, before they happen.


Change your protein expression levels with a tunable knob, over a 100,000-fold scale.


Synthetic genetic systems with dozens of proteins working together, seamlessly.


Construct better DNA sequences, perform fewer experiments. Make more product in less time.

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DNA to Dollars. Faster.

De Novo DNA was founded by Professor Howard Salis at Penn State University and his team of scientists and engineers. We develop user-friendly software that makes specific predictions to improve the performance of your genetic systems. Our customers develop next-generation biofuels, renewable materials, recombinant enzymes, and medical therapeutics. Our continuing mission is to decode the rules of life, develop predictive and accurate biophysical models, and to accelerate biotech R&D across the world.


  • “It's one of the most important developments in prokaryotic molecular biology in decades.”
    Francis Nano
    University of Victoria
  • “Great compiler. Easy to use interface.”
    Behzad Rad
    Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
  • “Thank you very much for this very useful service.”
    Fabio Chizzolini,
    University of Trento
  • “Always excellent”
    Klaus Lovendahl,
    University of Wisconsin-Madison, Chemical & Biological Engineering